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Mel Bristow PowerHouse CBX Racing


Team Manager/Owner Rol Skate

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January 22 - 25

International Island Classic

Results Beastess with Trevor Manley riding.

  Race 1 - 19th, Race 2 - 16th,

  Race 3 - 19th, Race 4 - DNS

  Fastest lap 1.47.602sec             

  Island Classic overall place 21st



Right - Trevor Manley on the Beastess

Photo Russell Colvin



A mate of Rol's has been making a documentary on his racing CBX's and the trials and tribulations.

They are looking for donations / sponsorship.

For further information on the documentary contact Rol or go to



February 2014  -  WSBK, Phillip Island, Vic.   The Beastess came 7th overall.

Photo Graeme Howie, from


Island Classic 2014. Photo Fotografico.


Australian Historic Road Racing Championships 2013, Barbagallo Raceway, Wanneroo

5th overall  'Beastess' Rider Trevor Manley

1st  Mick Dibb 1982 Honda Harris (T Rex Racing)


Below - Trevor Manley (Photo by Kevin Eeles, Fotografico)


The 2012 Geelong Revival Street Sprints. Curved quarter mile, 12.2s. You Tube video


Below is 'BEAST' photos and results while managed by Bob Schatz in Qld from May 2011 to May 2012.

The 'BEAST' with rider Daniel Youl at the Barry Sheene Festival of Speed, 23 - 25 March 2012


Barry Sheene Memorial Race  -  5th overall, Daniel Youl

Period 5 / Forgotten Era - 1st overall, Daniel Youl


19th Island Classic - Australia's premier historic motorbike event

Phillip Island  27-29 Jan 2012

  Unlimited Forgotten Era Class overall result  - 1st  Scott Webster  Bike 76

2nd  Daniel Youl  Bike 66 (666)

3rd Laurie Fyffe  Bike 23


The 'BEAST' at the Island Classic, January 2012

L-R Scott Thornton (Pit Crew), Peter Cohen (Assistant Team Manager)

Daniel Youl (Rider), Lindsay Donai (Mechanic), Bob Schatz (Team Manager)


View You Tube video of The 'Beast' with rider Daniel Youl at Queensland Raceway

 for an Open Track Day on 18 Sept 2011.

Video by Tony Stolz




Video on You Tube of testing/development ride by Mick Dibb, in May 2011 at Broadford Motorcycle Complex

 after an engine build.  Rol and Karen finished this build at 5:30 am.

Getting ready for shipping for a race campaign to be managed for12months by Bob Schatz, Queensland.



April 2011 Honda Broadford Bike Bonanza


'Australian Motorcycle News' magazine

has an article on Allan Cathcart

test riding the 'BEAST' - 5 pages.

Issue 13-26 April 2011, Vol 60, No 20



April 2010 Honda Broadford Bike Bonanza

 World renowned motorcycle journalist Alan Cathcart is ready to test ride the 'BEAST' with Rol Skate and Mick Dibb giving a few pointers.

Photo Stephen Piper



The 'Beast' owners Rol & Karen Skate


Superbike World Championship, Phillip Island,  26 - 28 Feb 2010

Historic Racing Overall Results  (21 bikes competing)

1st  32   Robbie Phillis (Vic) 1980 Suzuki GSX 1166  Fastest lap time 1.44.285

2nd  28  Karl Corpe (Vic) Kawasaki Z1R 1100

3rd 666  Mick Dibb (Vic) Honda CBX 1147  Fastest lap time 1.45.478


17th Island Classic - Australia's premier historic motorbike event

Phillip Island  22-24 Jan 2010


International Island Classic Events

Bike 666, rider Mick Dibb

Overall rider position - 5th out of around 40 bikes.

Race 1 - 6th,  Race 2 - 7th,  Race 3 - 9th,  Race 4 - 7th

Qualified 7th on the grid.

Unlimited Forgotten Era Events.

Competed only in Race 2 - 2nd place

International Island Classic Overall Placings

Australia won the challenge again.

1st  99   Steve Martin (Vic) 1980 Suzuki GSX 1294

2nd  7    Lea Gourlay (UK) 1980 Suzuki XR69 1000

3rd  20   David Johnson (SA) 1980 Suz. Harris GSX 1100

4th  32   Robbie Phillis (Vic) 1980 Suzuki GSX 1166

5th  666 Michael Dibb (Vic) 1978 Honda CBX 1147




The International Challenge is between UK, New Zealand and Australia in the Forgotten Era class. 

Reigning World Endurance Champion Steve Martin and British Superbike star David Johnson will be joined on the grid for the International Challenge feature races with two-time Australian Superbike champion Malcolm Campbell (1980 Suzuki RG500), World SBK number three Robbie Phillis (1980 Suzuki GSX1100), multiple Australian Pro-Twin champion Craig McMartin (1978 Vincent), Formula Xtreme top gun Michael Dibb (1978 Honda CBX1000/6), 2009 Australian Superstock 1000 number three Beau Beaton (1978 Vincent) and Australian Historic champions Peter Guest (1978 Kawasaki Z1R), Karl Corpe (1978 Kawasaki Z1R), Laurie Fyffe (1980 Suzuki GSX1100) and Stu Loly (1980 Suzuki GSX1100).   The overseas challengers are headed by multiple British champion Lea Gourlay (Suzuki XR69 F1), with IoM TT winner Stan Woods (1980 Suzuki RG500) making his second trip to the Island Classic.




Featuring on board race footage of rider Mick Dibb

with added commentary and still photos.

The video footage is from the Australian Historic Road Race Championship

held at Morgan Park Raceway, Warwick, Queensland  on 4-6 Sept 2009.  Video by Tony Stolz

Video Preview

AU Price $17.50 includes postage to anywhere in Australia.

US Price $20.00 includes postage to anywhere in the World.

for more details and payment.

Viewing time approx 60 minutes.


MotoGP, Phillip Island, Historic Racing 16-17 Oct 2009

16th Oct    Bike 666  rider Mick Dibb,  Qualified 9th place,  1st Race - 5th,  2nd Race - DNS

The 'BEAST' with other competitors bikes in the Historic Class



Australian Historic Road Racing Championship 4-6 Sept 2009

Period 5 Unlimited Outright Placings

1st  Bike 23  Laurie Fyffe

2nd Bike 666  Mick Dibb -  riding 'standby' bike with the 'standard' motor.

3rd  Bike 7  Leo Cash

5 Sept - 3rd Bike 666 Mick Dibbs.      Mick was racing the 'standby' bike with the 'standard' motor.

4 Sept - Mick qualified 3rd with Robbie Phillis qualifying 1st.     Unfortunately the motor spun a bearing.




Final championship race on Sunday.  Mick was pipped on the finish line by .002sec by Laurie Fyffe to place him second in the championship.


Clutch changing

Photos YoshTrathen


The 'Beast' has a 4 page spread in the July 2009 issue of

Rapid Bike magazine.



33rd Historic Winton 4x2, Winton Motor Raceway 30 & 31 May 2009

2nd place overall.


666 Mick Dibb, 76 Scott Webster

Photo Steve Duggan



Historic Event, SuperBike World Championship, Phillip Island Feb 2009

Race 1 - DNS change of motor  Race 2 - 4th,  Race 3  - 5th

Approximately 30 Historic racers.

666 Mick Dibb

32 Robbie Phillis

Photo Herbert Wuersh



Videos on You Tube of the BEAST and rider Mick Dibb  -  Years 2009 & 2008



Rider Mick Dibb profile

from the Australia Motorcycle News magazine.



Rider Mick Dibb at Island Classic Jan 2009

(3rd overall 2007 Formula Xtreme Championship)

(4th overall 2008 Formula Xtreme Championship)

Photo Tony Herd


18th International Island Classic

 held in January 2011

Mick came 3rd overall and was riding

a 'T Rex' 1980 Honda CBR 1100 (Bike No 1).


16th Island Classic - Australia's premier historic motorbike event

Phillip Island  23-25 Jan 2009


Overall results for the International Island Challenge

Bike 666 the 'Beast'  rider Mick Dibb came 5th overall out of a field of approximately 40

of the Worlds Best Period 5 Historic racers.

Australia won the challenge again.


Photo Steve Duggan


Photo Tony Herd


Photo 24 January 2009

Bike No.   3 - Malcolm Campbell,  35 - Paul Brown NZ,  76 - Scott Webster,  666 - Mick Dibb,

34 - Peter Guest,  32 - Robbie Phillis,  1 - Wayne Gardner

At the end of the day it is all about keeping the 'Forgotten Era' bikes running for the motorcycle enthusiasts.


2009 Island Classic


POS     RIDER            NAT    BIKE                           LAPTIME

1          M Campbell     AUS    Suzuki RG500             1:41.953

2          W Gardner      AUS    Honda CB1100R           1:42.610

3          S Webster       AUS    Moto Martin Kawa        1:42:785

4          R Phillis          AUS    Suzuki GSX1100          1:43.328

5          D Johnson       AUS    McIntosh Kawasaki      1:43.603

6          K Corpe           AUS    Kawasaki Z1R             1:43.841

7          P Guest           AUS    Kawasaki Z1R             1:44.776

8          M Dibb            AUS    Honda CBX1000/6        1:45.597



AMCN Sixteenth Annual Island Classic

Two CBX bikes will be competing.

Bike No 666 - The 'Beast' Rider Mick Dibb competing in the Period 5 Class.   Mick has been selected in the top 13 from Australia to compete in the International Challenge.

Bike No 6  - Rider Trefor Lenegan from Western Australia, competing in the Unlimited Forgotten Era Class.


From the - Island Classic, International Challenge

The International Challenge, a team event for the fastest 45 riders from Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom, is dominated by large-capacity 1980s-vintage superbikes. and F1 machines.

The visitors will have their work cut out against the strongest Australian team yet assembled for the event, with Gardner (1980 Honda CB1100R), Campbell (1980 Suzuki RG500), Phillis (1980 Suzuki GSX1100), multiple Australian Historic champions Peter Guest and Karl Corpe (both 1978 Kawasaki Z1Rs), multiple Pro-Twin champion Craig McMartin (1978 Irving Vincent) and Formula Xtreme front-runner Michael Dibb (1978 Honda CBX1000/6) heading the local challenge.

Rider Trefor Lenegan


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