CBX 1000 Information




1978 - 1982

The Superbike that appeared to have it all.


In-line 6 Cylinder

 24 Valve

  Double Overhead Cam

  6 Carburetors

  Air Cooled

 Four Stroke


Its 24 valve engine produced a phenomenal 105bhp, making the CBX the most powerful production motorcycle on the road in 1978.  Its searing speed was backed by remarkable smoothness and technical sophistication.

Years after the bike’s launch it still inspires great loyalty from a devoted bank of enthusiasts and respect from most people who had ridden one.  It still remains a landmark machine, having combined style, technology and performance in a way arguably not seen before or since from Japan.


1981 CBX 1000 B Model - Pro Link


1982 CBX 1000 C Model - Pro Link





1978-1979 -CBX 1000 Z - Twin Shock


1978-1979 CBX 1000 Z - Twin Shock


1980 CBX 1000 A - Twin Shock

American Model